Shauna Reads My Mind

AND BECAUSE OF THAT SHE IS AWESOME (among a virtual ball pool of reasons). Read this. Enjoy this. Write this in the back page of your Bible/Qur’an/Torah/spellbook/grandmother’s recipe book because you will never have another excuse to hate Valentines Day again. Plus, her post  more persuasive than my half-sober V-day post. Love all ’round, pandas.

20 Reasons Valentine’s Day Actually DOESN’T Suck. (Really. Seriously.).

(It is Two Whole Days after Valentines Day. I feel no twinges of shame. There’s still time to buy discount lindor truffles.)


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I'd rather write than write papers, I'd rather paint than study, I'd rather make music than sleep.

One response to “Shauna Reads My Mind”

  1. shaunanagins says :

    Hah! I’m off to gather the last of those discount truffles RIGHT NOW. Thanks, Emily 😀

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